Trackgame is a little turn-based vectorial racing game which is played on a track drawn on a squared sheet of paper.
The game run into the browser, there is no need to download or install anything in order to play it.

This game does not contains a single player mode. It is a multiplayer game only.
However, two different kinds of game can be run : Local one, with everybody playing on the same computer, and online one, to play with other people through the Internet.

Everything is free and without any advertising. The only requirement to fully enjoy the game is to create an account.

If you don't want to create an account, it is still possible to give a quick try using the local game mode.
In that case, nothing will be recorded into the database, therefore 'save game' and 'resume game' options won't be available. Furthermore, as long as you're not logged, you cannot create any map or play online games or use customization options.

To learn more about the game itself, take a look at the website related to the game.

Notice that this is a beta version (The current release has been built the 02/04/2015) and then you could possibly encounter some bugs.