CommonLines is a little tool listing every lines which are identical among two text files.
Both input files are parsed and same lines are extracted into a third file.

This program needs three input parameters which are paths of three text files ('file1', 'file2' and 'file3').
As an output, the program writes into 'file3' every lines commons to 'file1' and 'file2'.
Notice that the output file will be created if it doesn't exists already.
For information, the program is case sensitive and lines must be 256 chars length at most.

Altought such a tool might already exists, i wasn't able to find anything at the time i needed it. So i decided to write this program by myself. (An other reason is that i enjoyed it and that allowed me to practice my C skills a bit.)

This program has been designed for Windows only.
Using Linux or an other UNIX based OS, you can simply run the following command to get the same result : "grep -F -x -f file1 file2"

This program is written with C language and is under GPL licence. Current version of the program is 1.0

You can download a zip file containing the latest version source code and binaries right here :

Address to access the git repository of the CommonLines project :

Feel free to use it.